Why ReNewNM?

November 14, 2023by Steve Keene

Tomorrow's illiterate will not be the man who can't read; he will be the man who has not learned how to learn. Our moral responsibility is not to stop the future, but to shape it... to channel our destiny in humane directions and to ease the trauma of transition.

Alvin Toffler

At its core, ReNewNM embodies the desire to “channel our destiny” and “ease the trauma” that permeates our lives during the challenges of schooling, work, and daily existence.

For me, ReNewNM has been a gradual realization. Mental wellness has always translated to working harder and longer. However, somewhere along the way, the allure of ceaseless labor faded, and the toll of constant multitasking grew heavier. This shift became prominent with my impending retirement from public accounting, coinciding with the disruptive Covid pandemic, not to mention a late in life divorce. It made me question what I truly wanted – not a vague happiness determined by wealth or past efforts, but a joy rooted in the present moment. This realization was accentuated by the remote work and virtual meetings that became the norm in 2020 and 2021. I witnessed the struggles of many, but especially working mothers, juggling virtual meetings, household chores, childcare, education, and caregiving responsibilities. Our lives seemed confined within the walls of our homes, all while the world grappled with an unprecedented medical crisis. I found myself pondering, where could one find relief?

Many people, including myself, who had never considered mental therapy, began seeking help to cope with the overwhelming stress and anxiety. Alvin Toffler anticipated this turmoil in his 1970 book “Future Shock,” predicting the “shattering stress and disorientation” caused by “too much change in too short a period of time.” What once appeared as interesting predictions and academic musings now unfolded as a stark reality. The constant onslaught of technology, information overload, and round-the-clock stimulation has invaded every aspect of our lives.

As businesses began to embrace mindfulness and mental health services for their employees, it became evident that our society needed to incorporate mental health into our daily routines. ReNewNM emerged from this awareness and the desire to offer more than just understanding. Founding ReNewNM has been an exploration of where to find relief. Join us in making a difference. Together, let’s equip ourselves with new coping skills to navigate the changes that define our lives.